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Make Life Count Video Tutorials

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Whether you are a parent, life coach, mentor, small group leader, Sunday School teacher, etc. you know the challenges of finding time to truly invest in the people God has entrusted to our influence. After we find the time, what wisdom do we actually impart? This guide is meant to serve as a simple way to answer these questions. Make Life Count helps lay the proper foundation for what matters most in the journey of a follower of Jesus. It is meant to be simple, practical, and very conversational. You could break this study into 4-5 sessions, or take your time and walk at the participant's pace. Most importantly, do not rush the process. This study covers topics such as our identity in Christ, our purpose in life, how to share God's story, how to share our story, etc. This resource is meant to serve as a life-mapping process for participants to learn the basics of their new way of life and then map out, or plan their lives accordingly. This is more than another discipleship tool. This is personal life planning. Come on the journey with us!

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